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5 Steps to Solving a Student’s Behavior Problem in Your Classroom

5 Steps to Solving a Student’s Problem Behavior in Your Classroom is Polly Bath’s NEW behavior workshop. This training will provide the general education teacher with a concrete way to change a student’s disruptive behavior in their classroom. The 5 Steps are practical, research-based, classroom-friendly, trauma-sensitive strategies that any educator can use. Emphasis is on improving a specific student’s disruptive classroom behavior and building a relationship with them.

This will be an interactive, lively workshop.

Participants will learn how to use the following 5 Steps to improve the behavior of a student who is disruptive in their classroom:

Step 1: Identify a specific behavior you want to change.
Step 2: Figure out what is motivating the behavior (using a quick assessment to see what needs are being met).
Step 3: Plan how you will react to the behavior the next time.
Step 4: Use a logical consequence.
Step 5: Reduce and eliminate the behavior over time by teaching the student a better way to meet their needs.

Remember: When adults CHANGE their response to a student’s behavior, the student will CHANGE the behavior.

Audience: General education classroom teachers and paras, and those who support and supervise them, PreK-12.