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The Great Paraprofessional: Behavior Management and Other Key Skills

Grabbed Frame 22a-1This training focuses on important skills paraprofessionals need in order to be productive and effective members of the educational team.

Five main topics will be addressed:

Behavior management: Paraprofessionals are often faced with significant behavior challenges. It is vital that they have a basic understanding of behavior management and change.  What proactive steps can they take to reduce the occurrence of behavior difficulties?  What responses on their part will help most students to quickly make better behavior choices?  What should they do when behavior is disrupting instruction?

The paraprofessional’s role in the classroom and school: An effective paraprofessional understands school culture and climate as well as the expectations for all adults working in an educational environment.  Where does the paraprofessional fit into the structure of a school, and what kind of actions and attitudes typify a professional approach to the job?

Understanding an Individual Education Plan: Paraprofessionals can sometimes feel surrounded by IEPs!  Exactly what are these documents and what are they trying to accomplish?  What are the responsibilities of the adults for children with IEP’s in their classroom?  What contributions can a paraprofessional make to the implementation of an IEP, and what skills are required?

Interpersonal skills for working collaboratively with other adults in the classroom: The adults in a classroom are a team.  Working on a team requires a very specific set of skills, especially in the fast-paced atmosphere of the school day.  What does collaboration really mean?  What skills contribute to a smooth, effective, satisfying, collaborative relationship with one’s teacher and other co-workers?

Self-assessment: Working in a school atmosphere requires good self-knowledge.  What are one’s strengths?  What is one’s communication style?  Where do one’s skills need sharpening?  What unique contributions can one make to the classroom and the school, drawing from one’s own background and experiences?

Option A: One-Day Workshop: This makes a great workshop for your paraprofessionals during a district-wide staff development day.

Option B: Training & Consulting Series: This option offers your paras initial training with on-going support, especially around behavior.