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How Teachers and Guidance Counselors Can Coach Students to Make Better Decisions, Get Along Better with Others, and Understand the Cause and Effect of Their Choices

This outstanding training draws on a combination of: behavior styles, Dr. Thomas Gordon’s Teacher Effectiveness Training, communication skills, and Dr. William Glasser’s Reality Therapy.  Participants will learn about the following:

  1. How to communicate most effectively with students, even when they are resistant. (Do you tend to be more dominant and direct; influencing and interacting; steady and serene; or cautious and conscientious? And what about your students? What style are they? We tend to communicate with all people the same way and that can be up to 75% ineffective.)
  2. How to help students build on their strengths and make decisions that are in their best interest.
  3. How to help them change the behaviors that don’t get them the results that they, and you, want.
  4. How, through the model of coaching, to learn more about your students and yourself.
  5. How to help them define and achieve the kinds of relationships that they want with those around them.

Target audience: middle school and high school teachers and guidance counselors (also useful for nurses and social workers)