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Managing Classroom Behavior for the New Teacher: So You Know How to Teach Kids, But Do You Know How to Manage Their Behaviors?

2011 05 12_0097_edited-3Knowing how to teach reading and writing, knowing how to teach Spanish, knowing how to teach history–IT’S NOT ENOUGH!!!  You also have to know how to manage student behavior, from mildly challenging to downright rude, perhaps even threatening.  It’s just a fact of teaching in today’s classrooms, regardless of the community you may be teaching in.  And most teachers don’t come out of college knowing how to do these things.  This training is for the new teacher.  It focuses on a whole host of preventative strategies to help you keep students from making trouble (and keep yourself out of trouble!).  Also included are strategies based on those of the late Dr. Mike Mezzocchi for managing disruptive student behavior.

Option A: One-Day Workshop: This is a great introduction to basic, teacher-friendly behavior management techniques, and just what your new teachers need.

Option B: Training & Consulting Series: This option focuses on giving new teachers the skills they need through a combination of training, follow up, and technical assistance.  When teachers can’t manage behavior, instruction suffers.  Don’t let it happen in your classrooms.