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IEP Boot Camp PreK-22: Using Data to Improve Teaching and Learning

Designing and implementing high-quality IEPs can be a daunting process. There are a lot of moving parts, such as collecting relevant data, managing meetings, and aligning IEPs with state standards. This 4-day Summer Institute will provide participants with all the tools they need to develop IEPs that “tell each student’s story” and embed meaningful strategies for measuring and reporting progress.

In order to write a compelling and relevant IEP, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and synthesize relevant sources of educational data;
  • Develop relevant student profiles;
  • Establish practices that increase team member engagement in the IEP process;
  • Align the IEP to grade-level standards;
  • Determine appropriate accommodations, scaffolds, and specially-designed instruction necessary to meet each student’s unique needs and to ensure meaningful involvement and progress in the general education curriculum.

The training will emphasize effective use of data to monitor and report progress.

At the end of this training, participants will be able to:

  1. Collect and synthesize all data necessary to develop a plan;
  2. Describe student strengths, the impact of the disability, and current performance levels so that the classroom teacher’s ability to support the student will be optimal;
  3. Utilize data to create measurable goals, monitor progress, and make data-driven instructional decisions;
  4. Align IEPs to the Common Core State Standards;
  5. Increase student, parent, and teacher engagement in the IEP process;
  6. Plan appropriate instructional and assessment accommodations;
  7. Manage difficult conversations and meetings through the IEP process.

Participants will actively reflect upon the IEPs they have written, make revisions, and practice the alignment process throughout the 4-day Summer Institute.