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Changing Problematic Classroom Behaviors: Building Your Toolbox for Behavior Management and Intervention

2011 05 12_0071_edited-5Do you think school behaviors are getting worse and starting younger? Polly Bath agrees with you. Have you noticed how neither punishments nor rewards work like they used to?

This day-long workshop will focus on classroom-friendly solutions to some of today’s most common problematic behaviors. Participants will leave with new tools for their behavior toolbox, each one developed, tested, and loved by classroom teachers.

In the morning, Polly will focus on specific, problematic behaviors that interrupt instruction – behaviors that have become far too common in today’s classroom. She will teach participants the techniques she uses, the questions she asks herself, and the pitfalls she avoids. Emphasis will be on prevention, management, and real change.

In the afternoon participants will work in small groups to develop responses to specific behavior scenarios, using the techniques they learned in the morning. Then small groups will share their results with the larger group, and Polly will provide feedback and suggestions.

Participants will leave with a collection of specific techniques to prevent, manage, and change common classroom behavior problems.

Polly always says: “It’s what the adults do differently that will result in change in the child.” This workshop will focus on what you can do differently.