Neither Praise Nor Punishment Work for All Kids

Date: January 6th, 2019

Neither praise nor punishment will work for the child who doesn’t know what you want.

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Attention-Seeking Misbehavior and My Unusual Response

Date: October 20th, 2018

I get a lot of argument about this, but here’s what I do when a kid uses misbehavior to get attention.

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Over-accommodating is a Serious Mistake!

Date: September 12th, 2018

Do we hinder a kid when we over-accommodate? We mean well, but sometimes do we go too far?

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Don’t Blow it with Rewards

Date: June 20th, 2018

Rewards can be meaningful or meaningless. It’s up to you.

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Don’t Use Rewards with a Manipulator!!!

Date: May 5th, 2018

If you use rewards with a manipulative kid, I promise you it will backfire.

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Rewards Can Backfire!

Date: December 26th, 2017

I’d be careful about giving extra time on technology as a reward to a kid with low SEL skills!

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Behavior: consequence of over-rewarding

Date: April 24th, 2017

When using a reward system, we need to be careful not to over-reward. Watch this video to see why.

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Behavior: do you use rewards poorly?

Date: February 22nd, 2017

Using rewards isn’t always a bad thing. BUT are rewards internally motivating your students? Watch this video for my tip on how to do this.

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Reward programs–don’t use forever

Date: March 31st, 2016

An external reward program might be a good start with some students. But if we don’t go beyond that, then we’re not actually helping these kids. Watch this video for more.

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Behavior: over-rewarding will backfire

Date: February 11th, 2016

If we reward our students for things that they should be doing anyway, then those reward systems are going to backfire. Watch this video for more.

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