Behavior: kindergarten problem-solving story

Date: April 5th, 2017

Can our young students problem-solve for themselves? Better question: do we give them the opportunity to? Watch this video for a real life example.

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Do you improve behavior by teaching delayed gratification?

Date: October 20th, 2016

Delayed gratification is a skill! It’s a skill we need to teach to kids. How? Watch my video to see what I do.

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Let’s teach delayed gratification

Date: January 28th, 2016

Kids want things right away. But this isn’t always possible, so we need to teach them delayed gratification. This will help them later in life. Watch this video for my tip on how I do this.

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Classroom management: talking in class

Date: March 17th, 2015

Kids talking during class is a battle we often have to fight. Watch this video for how I deal with it.

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Classroom management: teach kids how to wait

Date: February 19th, 2015

Kids constantly want instant gratification. Watch this video for my tip on how I teach them DELAYED gratification.

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