Trauma Often Looks Like ADHD in Our Students

Date: November 28th, 2018

Kid getting distracted easily? Is it ADHD? Or could it be trauma?

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Behaviors Have REASONS

Date: August 25th, 2018

Why is a kid giving you a behavior? Here are the questions I ask myself to find out.

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How to Pay Attention When You Can’t But Must

Date: June 27th, 2018

The problems is distractions, right? So here’s how to handle distractions!

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Don’t Do the WRONG Thing When a Kid with ADHD is Failing Math!!!

Date: June 17th, 2018

You say no one knows how to help the ADHD kid who’s failing math? Yes we do!!!

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What was the Function of THAT Behavior?

Date: May 18th, 2018

Want to change a behavior? First, figure out what need is being met by it.

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Behavior: are your expectations too advanced?

Date: May 31st, 2017

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Behavior: what is the impact of not belonging?

Date: December 8th, 2016

Does it really matter if a student feels they do or don’t belong? Yes! Watch my video to find out why.

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Behavior management: hardwired behaviors

Date: June 25th, 2015

A student’s behavior is a symptom of something else. Watch this video to see what the causal factor could be and what we can do to help that student.

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Classroom behavior: our biggest ADHD mistake

Date: April 2nd, 2015

Here’s my tip on how to better address an ADHD-related behavior.

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Classroom management: recognize behaviors as symptoms

Date: March 20th, 2014

Watch this video [0:57] about how behaviors are symptoms that we need to get to the bottom of, if we want to change the behaviors.

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