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Behavior Intervention Plans to Help Students Succeed

2011 05 12_0140_edited-2This consultation and training on designing and implementing Behavior Intervention Plans includes how to:

  • pinpoint the behaviors that most need to be changed;
  • identify causal factors of behaviors;
  • identify the strengths that will help a student improve his/her behavior;
  • name the weaknesses that are contributing to the troubling behavior;
  • observe a student’s classroom behavior for clues that will help develop a useful behavior plan;
  • increase positive change by writing behavioral objectives that clearly define what behaviors are and are not desired;
  • discover school resources one can use in creating a successful management plan;
  • prepare the best possible intervention plan by using both cognitive and behavioral approaches;
  • assess if an intervention is working; and
  • change a student’s plan as his/her behavior improves.